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Fueled by Coffee and Love is a collection of real stories by real teachers. With over 80 unique stories from all over the world, Fueled by Coffee and Love shines a light on the joys and challenges of education. Find a comfy spot, sit down with a cup of coffee (or tea, water, soda, juice), and read stories of teachers who are literally fueled by coffee and love.

Praise for Fueled by Coffee and Love

“The stories collected in Fueled by Coffee and Love: The Refill will not only fill your coffee mug, but will fill your soul with warmth. Educators who love students first and content second, who care about the whole child, and who want their students and their colleagues to succeed will inspire you with their journeys. Please enjoy these stories and then share the joy with others in need of a little pick-me-up!”
Amy Illingworth, Director of Professional Growth, Sweetwater Union High School District.

“One of the most powerful vehicles for igniting educational change can be discovered in the fine art of storytelling. Bringing heart to the teacher’s craft and voice to those students who perhaps do not have one, the narrative from the classroom is compelling, inspiring, and undeniably ours. Thank you to Mari Venturino and her contributors for sharing your stories with us!”
Trevor MacKenzie, author of Dive into Inquiry and Inquiry Mindset.

“Don’t we all need a refill? Whether it is coffee or love in your life, you will find your self filling up on both with this book. Mari and her contributors have once again hit home with us teachers. These heartfelt stories will take you on a journey of moments on mountain tops and moments in deep valleys. Along the way, you will find yourself stepping in on a journey of self discovery and self reflection that will inspire and empower you to continue to be the best educator you can be.”
Natalia LeMoyne, District Coordinator of Educational Technology, Guilderland Central School District, NY

“Fueled by Coffee and Love: The Refill shares educators’ love and passion that is sure to fill your bucket. Mari has once again compiled stories that make you want to face the classroom with hopeful expectation again and again day after day. The stories will remind you of the importance of our jobs, how we can be just what others need, and even with our faults there are others that will surround us to be better for our students.”
Greg Bagby, Technology Integration Coordinator, Hamilton County Department of Education

Why Fueled by Coffee and Love?

Being a teacher can be tough, but there is so many little (and big) joy moments in our day-to-day. This is an anthology of real stories from real teachers. The magic is that none of us are professional writers or editors; we’re passionate educators determined to share our love for teaching and working with students.

It all started in February 2017, as Mari’s Passion Project (20 Time, Genius Hour, etc). She wanted to highlight what real classrooms, real schools, and real teachers face on a day-to-day basis. The goal was to collect teacher stories and publish them into a book. Goal achieved!

Interested in writing for Fueled by Coffee and Love, Volume 3? Submissions open February 1, 2019! 


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